Should You Hire an SEO Company?

Should You Hire an SEO Company

Opting for an SEO organization is not correct for all. You require accessing your present marketing plan to see if your timeframe, budget, internal capabilities call for external expertise.

Within 15 years of conducting digital marketing, we have learned that SEO is not a medium for all.

It takes a specific kind of company at a specific stage for making SEO a good fit for their company.

There are signs indicating when the SEO would be a great service to offer a client only as there are indications when SEO would be thoroughly worth the investment for the small company.

Thus, how do you know if SEO might be a great fit for your organization? And if SEO is a great fit for your company, should you choose an SEO company?

Here are some of the telltale signs indicating you must hire an SEO business.

  • SEO can reduce high paid search spend
  • Your internal expertise might or might not be sufficient
  • Targeting tough keywords might need professional assistance
  • SEO businesses may have a difficult time with your industry
  • You require having a correct time frame
  • SEO businesses take a month on month fee
  • It takes time to figure out the correct SEO company for your company

High paid advertisement spend can be an indication to invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO can lower or replace paid advertising budgets. Just by ranking organically for keywords, your target with a paid advertisement is that you are able to drive traffic to your site without having to pay for every click.

As the advertisement costs continue to constantly increase, investing in SEO can reduce costs while lowering the risk of getting highly dependent on the paid lead generation channel such as Facebook and Google.

Ranking for the tough keywords might need outside assistance

Keyword difficulty is just an estimate of how difficult it will become to rank in the top ten organic search results for a particular keyword.

SEO tools such as Ahrefs calculate the keyword difficulty by incorporating in the weighted average of the number of the linking domains to current top-ranking web pages.

The outcome is this plotted on a logarithmic scale between 0 and 100.

Let us say you were looking to rank for the word ‘SEO company’, Ahrefs estimated that the specific keyword has a difficult score equivalent to 54, which means it is difficult for the keyword to rank.

Higher difficulty means more skill and effort are needed to get on the top 10 ranking in the organic search result.

One can even use free keyword research tools for determining the difficulty level of your target keyword.

In case the keyword shows a medium to high difficulty level score then you must strongly look for hiring an SEO company to assist you to rank organically.

Your internal expertise gets a major factor

SEO is a tough area of digital marketing so it is not a bad idea that you consult the specialist when targeting super difficult keywords or when you develop a complicated SEO strategy.

Listed below are technical SEO concepts that SEO companies must know:

Technical SEO

In technical SEO, you require being comfortable when making changes to the site and providing crawling directives for the search engines.

You can utilize tools to determine how simple it is for the search engines to read the site.

Digital PR

Digital PR needs an understanding of the backlink building & which sites will be bad or good to get a link from.

Here is a snippet from a tool that reveals how trustworthy a website is.

The number is based on some criteria & covers a broad range of topics involving computers, recreation, and business.

Keyword strategy

The creation of content calls for the potential to simply perform effective keyword research & figure out the basic search terms that you can rank realistically.

Google algorithm monitoring

Note that Google updates its algorithm approximately 3 times a day & pursuing patents is important to remain ahead of all your efforts in order to deliver the best outcomes for the users.

Note that SEO is not difficult to learn & do on your own. However, you will require tools, time, and training to onboard yourself.

Your industry may be harder for SEO companies to grasp in

A major element of an SEO strategy is the creation of content. Content allows sites to appear for the search terms that a specific customer is searching for.

Just by creating those contents targeting keywords, a site will be able to enhance the organic traffic from the search engines.

It means someone will require creating content for the site.

In case the industry is complex then the SEO company with no experience might face a difficult time producing valuable content for prospective consumers.

Content is a crucial piece of SEO strategy and one that the writer requires to get it right.

Your timeframe for success can limit SEO

Google reveals that in most cases, SEO companies require 4 months to 1 year to assist your company first taking up improvements and then viewing potential advantages.

In other words, if you consider opting for an SEO company, do you hold 4 to 12 months of patience & investment to potentially view the return?

In case it is no, doing SEO on your own when investing in paid advertisements for more instant results might be a great way to simply bridge the visible gap.

Figuring the correct SEO company or professional for your business

In the SEO industry, the provision of help is abundant. Business owners simply can turn to anonymous Fiverrs, Upwork freelancers, tech-savvy nieces, and nephews, or the one who provides SEO.

With this said, good assistance is difficult to get. To easily succeed, you require finding the correct match.

Here are some of the interview questions that you should ask an SEO company:

  • Who would be your contact point?
  • How many years of experience do they have in your industry?
  • Who would be your point of contact?
  • What are the deliverables you expect every month?
  • How involved will you be in this process?
  • What are the contract terms?

If for all these the answer aligns with your requirements, then the hire decision for an SEO company may be easier.

Opt for the SEO company in case you have the time and budget but lack the expertise

In most cases, SEO refers to a solid marketing investment, which produces predictable and sustainable returns for your company.

If the SEO strategy is designed well and you are good in its execution, you can grow and build the business from the organic search traffic.

Exploring the idea of organic growth can tempt businesses to hire an SEO company. However, take time to ensure your business is a match for SEO.

  • Do you have any advertising spend?
  • Are you targeting the keywords that are tough to rank?
  • Is there adequate time on your end?
  • Would you instead pay a professional to perform the same on your own?
  • If all of it works out the way you would like, will you get a positive return on making an investment?

If answers to such questions are a yes, then you will require finding an SEO expert or company.

In case the answers are a ‘NO’, explore alternative marketing strategies or incorporate a Do it yourself approach.

Doing so might be a better way of pursuing it till SEO becomes a more appealing and viable option.


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