How to Incorporate Brand In Your Business Website Design


If you are a business owner, then you would know the essential importance of branding. It is a manner you represent what your business would stand for amongst the competition. It is said to be a way you interact or convey your message to the target audience via words or images.

However, going further fancy logo designs and captivating slogans delineate branding which is a manner of endowing business awareness in the minds of the customers.

Whenever they view or hear the name of your business, what image will they have of you?

In business, you must market your brand almost everywhere, enabling you to propel yourself out in the consciousness of the public.

From business cards to staff uniforms, you get the liability to promote the brand in a simple way. However, your greatest branding tool always remains your website. Your website is always your customer’s first impression; therefore you must get the branding correct in the first instance.

Identify the message of your brand:

What you try and convey to the target audience? What specific impression do you leave with your audience?

Therefore, when it comes to formulating your website, you require thinking of your target demographic, may it be experts or casuals, and then look out for ways to communicate your brand’s message accordingly.

Know the essence of color:

The use of color is not about aesthetics. It is all about evoking out the feelings in your end audience on a level that is subconscious. For instance, if you try and convey a fun image for your company, you may want to utilize bright and jolly colors for your logo, background, and fonts.

If you want to convey an image that is serious, then the choice of colors must be conservative, perhaps with greys and blacks. Hence you must give a thought to target demographic and then design the theme of colors.

Give thought to consistency:

To generate a memorable brand, you require being consistent. If the design of your website is not being carried across different other mediums, then you will not be able to create brand awareness. This also applies to the fonts used by you, the generated slogans and the chosen colors.

From sheet labels to business flyers, you must stick with a similar design choice. You must ensure that the consistency runs across your site and not confuse your audience, projecting an image that is uniform across every page.

Concentrate on language:

When you think of speaking with your customers face to face then you have the choice of conveying your message via your voice tone. A similar principle applies to your site. The reinforced language will delineate the message that you are trying to put over the audience.

If the image conveyed by you is friendly and fun, then the wording on your website must be informal and humorous. If you convey a serious image, then you must opt for a tone that is formal. Carry a similar tone across each and every aspect of your website, from your business, ’s about us page to your blog page.

Be unique:

For your brand to be unique and memorable, you must formulate your site and design in a manner that is distinct from your competitors. Make sure to conduct your research by looking at different other sites that offer something that is similar to yours and then goes for the design. Not only this act will assist you to be different but it will save you from general legal ramification.

Bottom Line:

Branding is an important part of your business; therefore do not neglect this specific aspect on your Website Design. By generating better brand awareness, your business is prone to stand a good chance of success when trying to survive against competition threat.

Sanjay Dey, Web designer + UI Designer + SEO ExpertSanjay Dey

Sanjay Dey, an experienced designer with expertise in UX, Web, and UI design.

As a UX Designer, I spent several years conducting user research, creating personas, and designing user flows for various digital products. I am skilled in creating wireframes and prototypes that prioritize user needs and provide a positive experience. I have collaborated with developers and stakeholders to ensure that the final product meets the needs of both the business and the user.

As a Web Designer, I have designed visually appealing and responsive websites for a range of industries. I have a keen eye for layout and color schemes, and has expertise in using design software and tools to create unique and engaging designs. I worked closely with developers to ensure that the design is implemented correctly and that the website is functional across different devices and browsers.

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