Ways to Ameliorate SEO Rankings in the year 2021

Ways to Ameliorate SEO Rankings in the year 2021

Do you know where your site traffic comes from? If you are searching out for ways to appear on top search of Google, SEO or Search Engine Optimization should be given maximum priority.

You will not be able to get the required leads to your business if no one is able to find you.

Have any idea that 93% of the experiences on the internet begin with a search engine? What exactly happens after making a search?

Results on Google’s top pages have a 33 percent chance of being clicked. This means if you are not on the first page of Google, you have missed out on 1/3rd of the potential web traffic.

What is more astonishing is that about 75% of people avoid clicking on the 2nd page of the search result.

The reason, why other sites are ranking more than your site on Google, is due to the reason that they are making a conscious effort towards ameliorating their SEO.

Luckily, it is never very late to get going. There are specific measures that you can undertake to enhance your chances of ranking on Google searches.

Listed below are a few of the tips to ameliorate your SEO ranking in the year 2021:

Ameliorate your web page loading speed

Your web page loading time is crucial owing to some reasons.

Firstly, if your loading speed is very slow, Google will identify this and it can harm your ranking. Moreover, a slow site can even affect the manner your site visitors engage with your web pages.

As an outcome, those negative interactions will impact your ranking even.

Research reveals that 40% of visitors abandon sites if web pages take a lot of time to load. What is even shocking is 80% of the visitors avoid returning to the site.

It is terrible for your site’s SEO ranking as it kills traffic to your website.

However, on the contrary, if your website loads extremely fast, visitors will keep coming to your site.

Google algorithm will identify your site’s popularity & adjust your website’s search ranking accordingly. It makes it very crucial to optimize both your web page speed & server response time.

Create high-quality content

Do you update your site often?

If you have not updated it since the time you have formed it, you most probably do not have a good SEO ranking.

For driving more traffic to your site and enhancing your popularity, you require giving website visitors a reason to keep coming to your site.

Your content requires being of high quality, relevant and recent.

The next factor that affects your SEO ranking is the dwelling time. It relates to the amount of time people spend on your site every visit.

In case your website has exciting, fresh, and newsworthy info, it will keep the visitors on your web page for longer & ameliorate your dwell time.

Sites that provide completely informative content generally have long dwelling times.

Ensure to save your ideas linked with content in just one place throughout all document applications that you use.

Here is something else that you can consider. Google chrome usually controls about 45% of the browsing market share, which makes it an important browser.

This number will continue to rise as Chrome was also one of the most downloaded browsers of 2017.

When the users bookmark your site from the Google Chrome browser, this actually assists your SEO ranking.

Relevant and high-quality content can enhance the chances of your site getting bookmarked by the site visitors.

Ensure to optimize your image

Pictures & various other images are good for your site. But you require to ensure that they are well optimized if you want such images to ameliorate your SEO rankings.

We are here referring to factors like file size and format. Heavy images can slow down your web page loading time, which may hurt your rankings.

Ensure to compress or resize your images to optimize them.

Also, you can use your images for sneaking in the keywords by naming them. For instance, let us say you have a site selling face washes or scrubs.

In place of naming the image ‘face wash 1’, you can name the image ‘best face wash to treat oily skin’

You even strategically can use keywords in the image title and also description or caption.

Break up the content with the header tags

Headings are one of the ways to assist ameliorate the user experience on a website. Breaking up the content makes it simpler and easier to skim through and read.

Additionally, headers make the content look appealing and are beneficial for SEO.

If your site has a wall of huge text, it can discourage visitors from spending a lot of time on your site. As an outcome, your SEO ranking may suffer.

Begin blogging

Blogging is good for business. It is one of the best tools for lead generation and assists one to engage with their website visitors.

Moreover, blogging even ameliorates SEO rankings. As mentioned before, producing updated, fresh, and relevant content helps drive the audience to your site & gives them a good reason to remain on your webpage for a longer time.

Blogs are the best way to achieve it. If you have a huge group of loyal readers then you can get a lot of traffic on your website on a regular basis.

Moreover, you can even include other things like images and header tags that are good for SEO purposes.

Even other crucial elements like enhanced readability, keywords, and important links too can be included in the post.

Add in more than just text

The content on your site should not be just written words. As mentioned before, images are good too but there are more you can include enhancing SEO rankings.

Consider including multimedia components like slideshows, videos, or audio clips on your website. The inclusion of such components assists in ameliorating user experience, which in turn enhances your SEO rankings.


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