Types of SEO Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process to make websites reach higher rankings.

Today let us discuss the various affordable SEO services that can be used to make your website rank and perform better.

We will explain the various aspects of SEO and the way it works.

What is SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation for search engine optimization. It summarizes the process of enhancing and improving websites to make them more readily found through online searches.

The primary focus of SEO is improving the ranking of a website on search engines of the likes of Google, Bing, etc.

A website is more likely to be visited when it has higher rankings in its appearances through search engines.

And the fact is when a website has more traffic, it gets higher business.

SEO has many types and a variety of services. Let’s get into details.

What are the types of SEO services?

There are a variety of website optimizations. Their details are as below.

Technical SEO

This is an analysis of the technical factors of a website that may impact its rankings.

1. Efficient Code

This is a very important factor as the efficiency of the code used in developing the website.

Insufficient and bloated codes can increase page loading times and dilute the content on the page.

Search engines understand better meanings of pages with lesser code to process. Optimized content on its pages and a minimized code will improve its rankings.

2. Speed of the websites

Search engines continuously improve their algorithm for a better user experience.

In addition to other factors, the speed of a website is also considered to decide its rankings.

A fast-performing website means a superior user experience. As an example, Google ranks faster loading websites higher than slow loading ones and recognizes page loading times to be anything below 2.5 seconds.

3. Mobile friendly

This is also an important factor as a majority of internet users use their smartphones or other similar handheld devices with a variety of screen sizes and ratios.

A responsive website will adapt to the screen it is being viewed on and automatically create a fitting content layout rather than just shrink the page.

Search engines rank mobile-friendly pages much higher than the ones not suited for viewing on mobile phones.


Search engines and users alike prefer secure websites. A malware-infested website is a poor and insecure website.

Nobody wants their antivirus to spring into action or worse infect their computer or handheld device. Search engines prefer HTTPS websites over HTTP websites.

HTTPS means the website has an SSL certificate’s protection. SSL or secured socket layer is a communication protocol that creates a secure connection between a website and a visitor.

Protecting information entered on websites by a visitor is important for search engines.

This is why a website that is SSL protected is ranked much higher than one which is not.

On-Page SEO

This is the development of page elements that are visible and affect rankings.

1. Title and meta description

The title of a web page and its meta description is very important for SEO rankings. It should contain the primary keywords for search engines to understand and recognize the page.

The current trend is to use keyword variation rather than stuffing which was used previously.

The best practices are to use synonyms, variations, and changing the word order within the keyword phrases.

A professional SEO consultant will be aware of the processes to use title tags and meta descriptions to achieve better rankings in search and increase website traffic.

Meta descriptions and page titles are important as they let a search engine make a difference between your web page and others.

The latest SEO practices consider factors like user engagement metrics, bounce rate, click-through rate, and time spent on site.

As search engines recognize users spending more time on one page it is more likely that this page will be ranked above the others.

2. Headings

Web pages with a proper structure can be recognized by search engines from their codes. These headings are crucial in organizing a page’s content.

Major topics use prominent headers like H1 and H2 tags, thus identifying macro ideas. H3 and H4 topics are also used where greater details are discussed.

Header tags are very essential for rankings. Huge improvements can be noticed by simply changing the H1 tags on home pages.

An SEO consultant professional will know how to utilize and optimize these tags and headings and improve rankings.

3. Page content

A web page’s content is critical to its ranking. Search engines track usage and visitor metrics like time spent on-page.

On-page content also needs to be optimized for long-term ranking improvements rather than just using titles, headings, and meta descriptions.

The content on pages must have informational value than just listing services.

The content needs to include the values and benefits of the products or services to the customers and also make the page relevant to the visitors.

A concise page with an appealing layout including fitting images, videos, or other media increases visitor engagement and thus improves rankings.

Off-page SEO

This is implementing elements of optimization which are not related to the page. These techniques increase a website’s ability and credibility to get better rankings.

A page’s contents determine its rank via search terms through the content on its pages, off-page SEO increases the authority of a website and recognizes the websites to be ranked ahead of the others.

1. Social Media

Social media helps create brand awareness increase website, visitors. The more presence of a business on social media, the greater are the numbers of social media users visiting the site.

This off-page SEO technique is used by many search engines to deliver quality content to users.

The frequency with which the content is shared is an indicator of quality content. Sharing a website’s content is an effective social media marketing strategy.

2. Backlinks

Backlinks are an important aspect of the ranking algorithms of search engines. The presence of backlinks on other websites is like referrals.

The number of referrals received increases the relevance and rankings of a website. However, it also needs to be considered that since this is a critical factor it is subject to abuse.

If the SEO consultant or professional is not sticking to best practices to build links, as they may be just concentrating on quantity.

The quality of the links is more crucial than quantity. A good quality backlink from a trusted and authoritative website is better than many of inconsequential nature.

Having valuable content on your website is a great way to initiate genuine backlinks on other websites.

3. Organic SEO

This relates to improving rankings for the main area. Businesses with national and international focus need well-devised organic SEO. Its main focus is to improve organic search rankings.

This is also referred to as traditional or classical SEO and begins with keyword research.

This is one of the main techniques as most sites need to have this done by combining all the forms of SEO for their site to be listed in the top results.

4. Local SEO

This is more relevant for businesses relying mostly on regional customers. This technique is more recent when it comes to SEO’s history. Its optimization improves local-pack rankings.

This is a good opportunity for businesses that need localized customers and is looking to service a particular region.

The techniques used in this are different from organic SEO as the businesses are looking to operate and serve customers within a boundary.

Businesses like restaurants, automobile servicing, plumbing, and electric installation and maintenance can benefit from this type of Local SEO.

5. Voice search SEO

Voice search is the latest form of search via search engines. Voice search is becoming more widespread as not everyone is comfortable with typing or maybe the scenario demands it. It constitutes nearly 50% of all searches.

The priorities for voice search include fast loading of webpages (under 4 seconds), SSL secured encryption, clear question and answer in 30 words or less.

6. Reputation management

Though this directly does not fall under SEO Services reputation management has a huge impact on the business’s online visibility. Online reviews help a great deal in making purchasing decisions.

Valuable reviews help a great deal and the perfect example for this is probably e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. These reviews are very useful for potential buyers.

Just like product reviews, company or service reviews are useful for people looking to use a business for their services.

More positive reviews will have a greater chance of being hired because of their good reputation. Reputation management is all about promoting these positive reviews and mitigate negative ones.

7. Search Engine Marketing

This improves the general online visibility of a website. The number of impressions received by a website is directly proportional to getting business.

Familiarity with a brand increases the activity and engagement of a website. This increases traffic, awareness, and conversion to sales.

SEO aims at achieving better search engine ranks and thus generates more traffic. Its ultimate target is increased business.

Efficient yet affordable SEO services are provided by many agencies with expertise in search engine optimization and the above-mentioned techniques.

Always choose an agency with good value for money services and SEO professionals at its helm.