How to Establish Career As a Freelance Web Designer

Looking for a career in web development? Let’s do it!

Becoming a freelance web designer has some major perks and is very interesting. Along with time you are developing your creativity. It can be done from almost anywhere in the world and also from the comfort of your own home. So it’s time to take actions.

6 Simple Ways To Develop Your Career

1. Develop programming skills:

You should have a strong knowledge about programming, HTML, JavaScript, CSS. Continue to learn new languages and technologies. Follow newsletters and publications to expand your knowledge. Stay updated with time, continues to push your learning and increase your skills to offer most valuable project to your future clients.

You are not chained to any certain technology. You are free to experiment. Try new things and add your knowledge to your toolbox as you like.

2. Build your freelancing website:

Make a portfolio site to highlight your skills and as you learn over time, add things to it and be updated. Doing projects for small businesses, schools or some charity works who cannot afford to pay for a web designer’s rate also helps you and them. By doing this, you are building up your portfolio, getting more experienced on this field and most importantly you learn how to interact with people.

Ask your friends if they want to make something for their purposes of course free of charge, to develop your experience and comfort writing codes.

Your portfolio will showcase your completed work, project descriptions and results. It’s business time now!

3. Spread your network:

Create links to social networking accounts, interact as much as possible. You can also create your own channel on YouTube, where you can upload videos on freelance web designer. Keep your keywords simple for searching your uploaded videos, for example “What is web designing”, “How to learn web designing” or “What the career options in web designing are”. The more your videos get views, the more clients will come up to you for your guidance. Tweet your articles and re-tweet others whose work you appreciate.

4. Choosing your clients:

You will be responsible for your promotion and marketing. You will be your own boss for customer service, sales, project management, time management, invoicing and all other criteria that make up a business. You should spread your network online and offline as well.

Tell your clients what you are passionate about, how much you can do for them, how it will benefit them, why they should chose you, how much serious and hard working you are.

5. Setting your charges:

The factors determining your charges should include your experience, your knowledge, location, and quality. Higher charges attract higher quality clients that means your work should be of high quality. Once you have few projects inside your bag, or if you are enough experienced, you can adjust your charges accordingly. This would lead to career growth and boost job satisfaction.

6. A big no to long term agreements:

Do not negotiate with your clients with any agreement. This will only tie you up with their conditions. As a freelancer you are your own boss, you are free and you are self employed on your own business. Agreements prevents you from using new skills during projects, restrict your ability to market yourself, makes you liable for future damages beyond your control.

Wrapping up

Web development is one of the most in-demand fields to work at this moment. The demand is only increasing so the scope to have a lucrative career is strongly in your favour. Every work needs honesty and your investment of your time and effort. The end result is a career that provides you freedom; increase your potential, flexibility. Continue to update your knowledge and offer your best to future projects.