Actionable Blog SEO tips followed by SEO Services India

Are you one of those looking for instant and actionable SEO services? Here are listed some SEO tips, which SEO consultant must ensure to follow.

Firstly, let us discuss what is meant by top SEO services India provided by SEO consultant?

SEO is one of those practices of optimizing a website so that it is highly visible when one searches for it.

In today’s time, there are several SEO consultants providing SEO services, which have the potential of assuring swift results.

However, there are few strategies, which do deliver much and few SEO strategies that do not work any longer.

In case you are one of those using a backdated version of SEO, it is now the perfect time to replace them with a more proven and actionable SEO strategy.

Let us dive deep into some of the best actionable SEO tips, which SEO consultant generally take up:

Use videos & optimize them

Videos now are more advantageous than ever. But how exactly does video help? Including videos can assist to enhance your ranking as per SERP in the listed ways:

  • Enhanced CTR or Click Through Rate: Including videos on to the site can lead to substantial enhancement in the organic traffic through SERPs.
  • Lowering of bounce rate: Individuals spend a lot of time on a page that has videos as compared to pages with zero videos.

Build your authority, expertise, and trust

If you are one of those starting out, it is going to be tough to compete against the site that has been for the past 5 years or even more.

In such a situation, there is just one beginning point & that is good content. Created content should have the listed:

  • Must be engaging and compelling
  • Reveals your expertise
  • Is aligned to both the business objectives and SEO
  • Is user friendly

Invite in customer feedback

Honest product reviews from the actual customers is one of the effective ways of building credibility.

Those sites with customer feedback have great potential for higher conversion rates & thus the search engines even place great value on them.

Look beyond the exact match keyword

The days when the SEO consultant used to match the exact keyboards are long gone. The user intent search is one of the new norms.

Nowadays, search engines are sensitive to the motivation and intent behind a specific search term. Thus, concentrate on user intent.

Select short term domain names

Short-term domains come with 15 characters or even less. As users hold higher chances of remembering shorter names, ensure to opt for the short-term domain names for your site.

Ensure to find all the variations of your business site

When you search your site in search engines, ensure that you view all possible probabilities.

For instance:

Mobile linked SEO tips- Ensure to shift to ‘mobile first’ approach Google has switched to mobile-first indexing.

To avail a sense of how a site gets viewed by the Google mobile search agent, using a mobile-friendly test tool catered by the Google Search Console.

Figure out whether PWA & AMP are correct for you

In the preparation for the mobile-first indexing & enhanced mobile traffic, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and PWA (Progressive Web Apps) play a crucial role.

Even if you do not have any mobile-friendly website at the moment, note that Google can deliver PWAs or AMP in the mobile-first index.

Thus, ensure that primary content and links are listed on AMP pages or PWAs.

Eliminate interstitials

Numerous pop-ups & interstitials are extremely annoying and cater to poor user experience.

Eliminate all the interstitials & pop-ups from mobile experience unless they are required owing to age restriction or any data-linked privacy.

Technical based SEO services provided by the SEO consultant

Switching to HTTPs

SEO consultants often abstain from making any changes when they switch your site from HTTP to HTTPs.

Google acknowledges this protocol change & does not usually process any other needed changes.

Moreover, for implementing AMP, having HTTPs is important. Switching to HTTPs has the listed benefits:

  • Helps boost the search rankings
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Ameliorated user experience

Optimize the website speed

Website speed is a crucial factor, which impacts your site ranking in the search results. Also, it lowers the bounce rate & ameliorates the user experience.

Utilize rel=canonical

SEO consultants ensure that the canonical tag called rel=canonical simply redirects the pages on the site that are accessed from numerous links to the main page.

Note that the rel=canonical tag is helpful when your site content gets duplicated on other sites.

Making sure pages are indexed

The SEO consultant ensures to search and make sure that the revenue-generating pages of the website are correctly indexed.

They even check for the double indexed page. Double indexing reveals duplicate content.

Checking for the H1 tag

This is one of the best practices to undertake the H1 tag on a single page.

Include in alt attribute to the image

Alt attribute assists in describing a picture. This assists the search engine crawlers and also site visitors to simply identify pictures on pages without having to see the picture.

This is a visual approach for searching, which is not avoided by the SEO consultant.

Create site maps

Sitemap consists of a list of site pages that reveal search engines to simply index them. This is one of the major benefits of sitemaps that ameliorates site crawling.

One can even have separate site mapping for videos, images, and blog posts. It tells the search engine to concentrate on the crawl on a specific part of the site.

Inclusion of breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are an important element of an SEO-friendly site. Breadcrumbs help in the following:

  • Enhances SEO
  • Makes navigation easier
  • Ameliorates user experience

Usage of vector formats for the image files

The vector format image simply files the scale well & with better image quality throughout devices.