2021 Guide: What do UX UI Designers do?

Firstly, here in this article, we are going to grab knowledge about the importance of hiring a UX UI designer in this digital world.

With enhanced technological development in this 21st century, nearly everyone is looking for the best technological experience without having to spend a lot of time & even exhausting their brains.

The same thing goes for browsing the site or any mobile application where how efficiently and quickly a site or application responds, the more successful is the outcome obtained.

In other words, it is just about the customers/audience nowadays!

And when it is about the site or mobile application user satisfaction, most of the technology companies shift towards UX UI designer for an efficient and faster UI UX. However, there are many times when people mix up between UI and UX.

Thus, we are here to decode the concept of UX and UI design. At present, there are millions of mobile-based applications present on the app store.

While few are highly popular, others find it difficult to strive in this extremely competitive app-driven market.

However, one thing has always been common for all such successful mobile applications and it is their good look.

Many of the users even look for applications that appear appealing & feel thoroughly good when utilizing them.

Visually engaging and appealing apps are generally an outcome of having a thoroughly efficient User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX).

One of the best mobile application developers will enlighten you that when developing an application, higher emphasis needs to be put on the UI UX design as this is where the success for an application starts.

An extremely good user interface creates immediate attraction to applications while a wonderful user experience works towards putting in a lasting impression on the users’ minds.

Thus, it is crucial to get both correct if you wish your application to be popular and successful.

As UI and UX are completely mixed up words in business technology, thus it is crucial to make you first understand what UI and UX terms mean.

User Interface or UI is a design counterpart to user experience or UX.

If the consumers or audience at large do not like the feel and look of your site at the very first glance, then you may never win them again.

Note that in this busy world where we are continuously inundated with data/info, it just takes some gentle nudge for knocking someone’s attention off the course.

UX UI designers usually manage the mood & create a sense of bold imagery and trust, video, visual touches and seamless transitions that keep one modern at the same time meets the high risk of getting dated.

Note that UI is all about appearance.

What is meant by UI design?

UI or User Interface is the procedure of improving/ameliorating the presentation & interactivity of a website or mobile app.

It concentrates on the look of the application & communications with users. Every page, screen, button & other visual component that you use while utilizing the app is called the user interface of the app.

Note that UX is all about the experience.

What is meant by UX design?

UX or user experience design is the process of ameliorating the entire experience of users when interacting with apps or sites to attain objectives for providing maximum customer-related satisfaction.

This keeps the customers in mind & even creates the basic framework of any app.

It majorly concentrates on wireframing of an app and structuring all of the components/elements appropriately for creating a user flow.

Importance of hiring UX UI designers for your app/site

The basic goal of the organization is to enhance sales and enhance their growth prospects. UX UI designers play a crucial role in attaining this goal.

By implementing the required UI UX design, the UX UI designers help to ameliorate user experience & customer satisfaction that assists at enhancing the number of users of specific applications.

With the users having several choices & alternatives for products & services you get them, the time span you get for grabbing the users attention is very less and you as a brand or organization require hitting on the bullseye in this short time span.

By employing experienced UX UI designers, with their well efficient UI UX design, you as an organization/brand can win over consumers’ confidence.

The total number of audience that you get on your app/site can simply measure the success of the UI and UX.

Note that for a startup, the importance of having a good UI and UX design is even more important as first impressions definitely last for long.

Here are some of the major components of UI UX design

Information Architecture

Also known as IA, it is linked with satisfying the company’s strategies by efficiently designing application or site data structure.

One of the major roles of IA is to cater to its users with simple navigation without having to worry about which browser the user is using.

It is just about using maximum combinations to cater to the best & top-class navigation menu.

Interaction design

Interaction design deals with creating conceptual design wherein users interact with the product or/and application. Interaction involves elements like color, aesthetics, images, icons, sound, motion, graphics, space, etc.


Usability is user-friendliness. Alongside figuring that the users get the required detail/info they want by utilizing the application or by visiting the website, usability also deals with the process of simple navigation.


Wireframing deals with creating samples of apps to test their features, usability, and look of apps before their launch. This is one of the best ways to test the functionality & review if the app serves the needed purpose.

Visual design

The visual design of a website or app is similar to defining the organization’s brand. Finalizing visual design can impact users’ behaviors and thus it is the most crucial component of UI design.

Visual design is not just about choosing the right images, fonts, colors, icons but also about recognizing the app’s appearance and its impact on the users.