Sanjay Dey – Freelance web designer with over 15 years of experience

I am Sanjay Dey, Freelance Web Designer and UI+UX Designer with over 15+ years of experience. I have started career as Web designer in 2000 and till now I have worked more than 250+ websites all over the worlds like USA, UK. Australia, Canada etc.

I’m a freelance Web Designer and UI+UX designer from Kolkata, India. I design from initial sketches to final UI design and I have a resources to Development WordPress CMS and Custom PHP application. Contact me

I love helping companies and start-ups discover and design new products, solve existing customer & user problems and define delightful, interactive user journeys.

I have done Dual Diploma in Multimedia from Arena Multimedia and Down UX Design certification courses from You can view certificates

If you’re looking for a freelance web designer, UI+UX designer or Custom WordPress design and Web developer  for your next project, let’s talk.